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 Abstracts submission deadline : May 31, 2024
 Notification of acceptance : May 31, 2024
 Deadline for Extended Abstract (1-2 pages) : June 28, 2024

Greetings From Chairs

AACM, the Asian-Australasian Association for Composite Materials, is an international non-profit scientific association founded in 1997 with the mission to encourage the free exchange of information on composite materials, to provide regularly scheduled events and publications that enable a better understanding of Composite Science and Engineering, and to achieve an improved level of cooperation among composite science and engineering professionals in the Asian-Australasian region and around the world.

ACCM, Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials, international conference series have been organized every two years since 1998. The ACCM has developed as one of the major international academic conferences on composites with great influence in the Asian-Australasian region and at global stage.

This time, the Committee on Composite Materials of JSMS is happy to host again the 13th Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials (ACCM13) at Kyoto, in August 2024. The ACCM-13 is aimed at providing a forum for profound discussions as well as sharing ideas on various technologies concerning every aspect of composite materials and structures. Finally, ACCM-13 will also serve as an international liaison between engineers and scientists working in the field of composite materials.

We look forward to welcoming you at ACCM13 in Kyoto in August 2024!

Prof. Asami NAKAI,
The chair person of ACCM13,
Gifu University, Japan.

Prof. Kazuya Okubo,
Doshisha University,
(AACM, former Chair JCOM)



1.Material Science

  • 1-1 Polymer Matrix Composites
  • 1-2 Metal Matrix Composites
  • 1-3 Ceramic Matrix Composites
  • 1-4 Carbon Composites
  • 1-5 Textile-Based Composites
  • 1-6 Thermoplastic Composites
  • 1-7 Others

2.Functional Composites

  • 2-1 Natural Fibers / Green Composites
  • 2-2 Nanocomposites
  • 2-3 Multi-Functional / Smart Composites
  • 2-4 Thermal / Fire Retardant Composites
  • 2-5 Adhesive and Interface
  • 2-6 Others

3.Manufacturing/ Processing

  • 3-1 Automated Manufacturing
  • 3-2 Out-of-Autoclave Process
  • 3-3 3/4D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
  • 3-4 Advanced Composites Manufacturing
  • 3-5 Second Processing
  • 3-6 Others

4.Simulation & Testing

  • 4-1 Optimization Design/ Modeling and Simulation
  • 4-2 Testing and Evaluations
  • 4-3 Failure Criteria and Verification
  • 4-4 Micromechanics
  • 4-5 Others


  • 5-1 Engineering Applications(Aerospace,Civil Infrastructure, Transportation and Wind Energy)
  • 5-2 Biomedical Applications
  • 5-3 Emerging Applications (Absorption, Shielding, Cloaking, Sensing, Actuating etc.)
  • 5-4 Composites Repair, Self-healing
  • 5-5 Recycling, Carbon Neutrality and Circular Economy
  • 5-6 Degradation and Durability
  • 5-7 Fireproof and Flame retardant
  • 5-8 Others


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